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Tom Hua is known as one of the sharpest internet marketers and a true pioneer in the internet marketing industry, with over $12 million USD annual turnover.





Tom Hua immigrated to Australia with only $300 Australia dollars. After sleeping on newspapers in a tiny apartment for months, he stumbled across Internet marketing and quickly grasped the secrets of the internet marketing to become one of the first self-made Internet millionaires.

Today, Tom Hua operates his amazing global internet businesses from Melbourne, Australia, and passionate sharing his genius internet marketing techniques, secrets and his mega successful Internet business with every single soul on the planet in an easiest and simplest way of 1-2-3 formula.


In Tom Hua Step-By-Step PRIMO System, Tom will not only reveal the core formula that every successful internet business is based on, he also brings together all the tools and information you would ever need for a successful internet business under one umbrella - PRIMO.

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